Totem Visitation: Peacock

I was driving home from a client on Tuesday and standing on the double yellow line, like he was waiting for me, was a glorious peacock. I told him to get out of the road, and he crossed (left to right) behind me. I drive that route several times a week, and I have never even heard a peacock in that area.

Steven Farmer says:

You’re about to experience a vision that will greatly affect your life and the direction you’re going in. More than a time to take action, this is a time to be watchful, observing what goes on inside and around you.

You’re safe and very well protected, so there’s no need to worry. It’s important now to take a risk and speak your truth rather than holding back, as there will be ample opportunities to do so soon


I’ve been working on a business plan, you see, to create this amazing retreat on Maui, and I haven’t been moving as quickly as Spirit would like. This is not my first nudge. The challenge is that I’m at the point of plugging numbers into the budget, which is not always my strong suit, and I let myself get overwhelmed. I need to just do a little bit every day and it will get done.

Thanks, Peacock!

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