Pantheacon: Sunday & Monday Wrap Up

Pantheacon is an annual convention of Pagans (et al) held over the Presidents’ Day weekend at the Airport Doubletree in San Jose, CA. Friday noon through Monday noon of workshops, panels, rituals, and discussions, usually at least 6 choices per time slot, 9am to midnight (or later).

Sunday 9am: I did my Singing Bowl Meditation and we were possibly past capacity. I had someone laying on a counter top. Next year, I either need a bigger room or perhaps I will run 2 shifts. I’ll need a minion if I do that, though. Also, I sold out of all my copies of 365 Days to Enlightenment.

11am: Lon Milo Duquette’s Reincarnation workshop. I love Lon. He was marvelous and did a ritual involving a giant angel.  Yeah.

And then I had to go take a nap.

1:30pm: I swung by the Llewellyn pitchfest and told them about the book.

And then I hung out in the Pagan Scholars Suite until…

6pm I did my little workshop on Labyrinths. It was fun. People really enjoyed the finger labyrinths!

A fledgling witch took me out for sushi so she could pick my brain.

And then I went to bed, because I was exhausted.

And now it’s Monday morning. I would love to go to the Mormon Mysticism thing at 11, but I really need to go home…

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