Pantheacon: Saturday Wrap Up

Pantheacon is an annual convention of Pagans (et al) held over the Presidents’ Day weekend at the Airport Doubletree in San Jose, CA. Friday noon through Monday noon of workshops, panels, rituals, and discussions, usually at least 6 choices per time slot, 9am to midnight (or later).

It took me a while to get moving this morning (my body Is being uncooperative), but I still managed to make it to a 9am session, albeit 10 minutes late…

Saturday 9am: Chinese Polytheism and Millenarian Movements with Chinese Heathen (aka Michael). A very interesting presentation on the history of a specific type of revolution/rebellion in China. Apparently rather common, at least when taking the long view.

Saturday 11am: Black Lives Matter – Restorative Justice for Healing and Change with Crystal Blanton and T Thorn Coyle. One of the reasons that I do so much work for justice and equality, one of the reasons I’m working on my current book, is that the inequality in this country literally makes me cry. This was an incredibly powerful circle, and I was wrung out by the end.

I went back the the room to regain my composure and eat some protein. It helped a bit.

Saturday 1:30pm: God of the Rainbow Bridge – A Ritual for Heimdall with Diana Paxon et al. It feels like every time I attend an Asatru event at Pcon, it turns out to be one of Diana’s, even when I’m not trying to. Lovely, as always.

We got out a little early, so I swung by the Pagan Scholars’ Suite… Like ya do… This leads to a bunch of us descending upon..

Saturday 3:30pm: Chanting, Trancing, and Story – Ritual Techniques that Work with Shauna Aura Knight. Shauna is my favorite ritual tech geek. I’m going to try to bring her to LA in 2017.

I ran into Kellen afterwards, and we grabbed a bite to eat, followed by some trawling of the vendor area, where we ran into Shauna. More conversation, plus I now one a pagan leadership book that has been on my list for a while.

Saturday 7pm: Pulling Spirit with Tommie Starchild. There is something about Tommy that always leaves me feeling just a smidge more whole. It might be how he puts things, or his core material, or his energy (or an assortment of all three). He was a long-time student of a friend of mine, and is currently studying with Orion Foxwood, so it’s not surprising we click. Anyway, the workshop was about some really good foundational material.

Chatted with Tommy and Dom a bit and then made my way back to the Pagan Scholars’ Suite. Got a runic reading, had some good conversation, and played with the tuning forks. I’m retiring early tonight, though, since I’m doing a singing bowls meditation at 9am.

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