The Result of Depersonalization on the Internet

This post is an outgrowth of the current book I’m working on

It is a basic spiritual principle that Things take on the energy of their Creator. This is why home-cooked food tastes so good, it’s cooked with love (hopefully). It is the principle behind the biblical assertion that God made humans in its own image.

The Internet is a creation of DARPA, the military industrial think tank. It is impossible to kill someone unless you’ve depersonalized them; otherwise you identify with them too much. So the military is steeped in the energy of depersonalization. Things that are created by or for the military and related industries are going to have that energy as well. So the internet is inherently depersonalized.

BUT! (and?)

The internet also a manifestation of the Astral; time doesn’t matter, space is irrelevant, and there is no societal baggage unless a person chooses to bring it (and yes, it is frequently an unconscious choice). The Astral is a place of archetypes, the place where the idea of a thing exists, before it is brought into physical manifestation. The way to bring something to 3d reality is to focus on the idea of the energy of it, because that which you focus on, you feed.

So, with the advent of social media (which honestly started as BBSes) we have this dichotomy of a virtual gathering space, full of the potential of creation, that has a strong current of depersonalization. The depersonalization has fostered the growth of Trolls, people who harass others for sport, sometimes going so far as to make violent threats. The potential of creation has caused this to manifest things like SWATing and MRAs.

The more disenfranchised a person feels, the less likely they are to seek out real life interaction. But we are social creatures, so people who are already plagued by fear or animosity have most of their interaction on the Internet. The best was to combat depersonalization, though, is real-life, human interaction.

When a person doesn’t spend enough time out in the world, when all of their interaction is in a place with no societal baggage (race, gender, religion), that person is left to assume those societal definitions. That frequently results in the assumption that someone is white or male, which can increase someone’s perception that they only associate with white people or men.

Hate is an outgrowth of fear, which frequently comes from a lack of understanding or a lack of familiarity with. Hate and fear, left to their own devices, generate more hate and fear. Incubated by the potentiality of the Internet, this has fed a lot of hatred and fear out in the world. I’m not suggesting this is a conspiracy so much as a simple case of cause and effect.

The outcome of this spiral of hate and fear, its physical manifestation, has come screaming to the forefront in the current US election cycle. The hate, the paranoia, the violence that is erupting is a direct result of the behavior was have, as a society, allowed to continue on the Internet.

There is another option. When we feed the energy of equality, when we foster and reward positive behavior and denounce undesirable behavior, we can reverse the trend. But we all have to step up to the plate. This is not the time to sit back and play it safe. Take a stand. Speak up. Put your energy into the archetypes you want to foster. Change the outcome.

It is up to you. And you… and you… and you… and you… And me.

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