Weasels Borked My Hotrod

I have been staring at various clues for over a month now, but it didn’t all fall together in my head until I was writing the May newsletter. This is it. This is when everything gets turned on its head. This is when everybody starts to notice that nothing works the way it used to, the way we expect it to.

This is when everyone starts to peer through the veil.

Normally the veil isn’t thin for long enough. People can avert their eyes, pretend it didn’t happen, just merrily go on their way.

But someone has thrown a monkey wrench into the machine. The thinning of the veil would normally apex on the 5th and then reverse itself again. And it will this year, too. Sort of. Right around the Solstice, Neptune is going retrograde, which thins the veil again, and holds it in that position into November (yes, past Samhain). Combine that will ALL the other overlapping retrogrades, tearing our egos out of our selves like condors, and people won’t know what to do with themselves.

It’s like weasels shutting down a supercollider.

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