What is your health telling you right now?

There’s a flu epidemic, you might have noticed. The flu, when we are talking about the ailment that affects the respiratory system, is about life change. At least in Southern California, there seems to be a potent stomach bug going around as well; that is more about processing and releasing. As I noted in last month’s newsletter, 2018 brings the opportunity for large-scale change, so I’m not terribly surprised that people’s bodies are leading them through transformation. If you are one of those affected, I recommend focusing on the emotional/spiritual component of the disease, so you can more through it more quickly. Both seem to have an interesting rebound effect, almost as if the virus is saying “no, really, I meant it.” I suspect that if you focus on life change or releasing, you may not get the second wave of it. On the topic of viruses, by the way, elderberry lozenges are an excellent anti-viral that are recommended by doctors in a number of countries (not in the US, of course). If you’re trying to avoid the circling plagues, I suggest one lozenge in the morning and one at night. If you’ve already been visited by the lung goo, I find that one lozenge every 3 hours or so seems to encourage it to depart more quickly. As always, please talk to your doctor before embarking on any course of treatment.

(reprinted from the February newsletter)

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