Rainy Full Moon

I am inordinately excited about the timing of weather in Southern California this week. Thursday will be both a Full Moon and raining, which affords me a rare opportunity.

I have talked before in this blog about the moon (and occasional solar) waters I make, but there hasn’t been much opportunity to do it with hand-collected rainwater. This week I not only get to collect rainwater, but I get to do it under the influence of a Full Moon.

I started by putting a bowl on my outdoor altar tonight after I got home from my Full Moon Women’s Circle. I put some water in it first, so I could see the moon’s reflection in it, and sang to the moon a bit. It will sit out there through the apex of the Full Moon, and I’ll bring it in some time on Friday, after it has rained enough to replace the water I initially put in. I will filter it a couple of times and bottle it, and let it sit on my altar for a bit, to get some extra charge from the energies invoked there.

Charged waters are good for all sorts of things, from healing, to household magic, to creating talismans and adding oomph to candle magic. You can certainly make them yourself. It helps to understand all of the astrological influences going on, and if there’s any solar activity at play, so you can know what each water is good for.

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