Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces

I’m not going to be able to do Circle this month for the Full Moon, so this is a virtual offering instead.

According to Darkstar Astrology, “The full moon forms the backbone of a kite (Inside a grand earth trine) The moon is also part of a yod to the North Node.”

This prompted me to go find Madeline Rose, and ask her about it. Amusingly, my takeaway from our talk was different from what I got out of the follow up writing she emailed me. From our discussion, I got that this Full Moon is good for creating alignment and balance between the spiritual and the mundane. Example: How do you make walking the dog a spiritual act? Reading through the material she channeled, though, brought to the foreground the idea that the Pisces Full Moon heralds the completion of cycles. With a number of planets turning direct about this time, that seems louder to me.

When a planet is retrograde, we go back over our relationship to its themes, to see what needs changing, adjusting, honing. Mercury, which just went direct at the beginning of the week, is about communication, thought patterns, and time/space. Mars, which turns direct on Monday, is about passion and action, and frequently anger. Saturn is a little farther out, going direct on the 6th, is about foundations and structure, how things work, rules and laws.

So what have you learned in these retrograde periods? What have you learned about yourself? What did you discover doesn’t work for you, or what works really well? This Full Moon (going into the introspective Dark Moon) seems like a good time to take stock and do some writing, so you can turn the page on that chapter of your life and do something differently at the New Moon in 2 weeks.

If you want to do ritual on your own Saturday night, get a vessel of water, and around 10pm, go out into the moonlight. Take a moment to drink in the night sky. Either hold the water up so you can see the moon through it, or hold it such a way that you can see the moon reflected in the water. Set the intention of changing your patterns, of seeing things differently so that you can act differently than you have in the past. Chant to the moon in the water. My favorite is the Mother of Darkness chant found here, but others will do just as well. When you are done chanting, sit in meditation for about 20 minutes, letting the moon clear you. Leave the water out overnight and bring it in after the moon sets. You can then use the water for all manner of sacred work.


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