Transcending the Lower-Dimensional Self

This idea of transcending the lower-dimensional self is something of a misnomer — you have already evolved into a higher vibration. It is merely that you have chosen to hold onto the illusion that was your reality in the lower vibration, and you are therefore unaware of your shift. But you may be noticing that things don’t work the way they used to, that they have become somewhat non-linear.

One of the ways you hold onto the illusion is by still allowing yourself to buy into the survival thought patterns of your lower-dimensional self. What this means is that you have gotten mired in lack, fear, and separation. This is no longer the operating pattern under which you should be operating. You have the power to manifest whatever you want, wherever you focus your energy, in as much as your personal paradigm (or limitations of how big a miracle you are ready to accept in your life) will allow. If you continue to cling to the notion that nothing of value is achieved without hard work, for example, hard work shall you have. If you continue to believe that only other people get “lucky breaks,” that is exactly what you will experience.

Your higher-dimensional self knows that you are connected to everything. It has access to all of the wisdom of the Universe. It sees the benefit in every situation and embraces the learning process. It sees the lower-dimensional self for what it is and is able to experience it without being ruled by it.

You can bring your consciousness into that higher dimensional space and release your dependence on linear thought, on lack and on fear. This allows you to experience a radical shift in perspective, where you can bring joy and excitement to the learning process, where you can see through the day-to-day illusions we have built up around us, and where you can evolve at a faster, higher pace.

Daily practice is essential to achieve a personal shift. Consider it as important as daily personal hygiene and elimination. One maintains the physical body, the other the Spirit. A good template for Daily Practice looks something like this:

  • Get rid of the garbage (in your head, between yourself and others, and in your physical space)
  • Set your intention for the day
  • Check in with Source
  • Get quiet
  • Listen
  • … and then you can start your day

It is a good idea to do your Daily Practice at the same time every day, and the beginning of the day, before you have had a chance to get thrown off balance, is the optimal time. It has the added benefit of starting your day with discipline, and it sets the tone for the entire day.

This is a composite of two blog posts in my deep newsletter archives (read: not published on the web anymore), once from 2001 and one from 2002. It seemed like it was time to say it again.

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  1. Jennie Gaio says:

    Wow. You’ve articulated this concept in a way I’ve never experienced. The shift has happened…but clinging to dysfunctional thought patterns throws off the operations. Bravo! I love it!

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