Powering Your Equinox Projects with the Sun

The northern autumnal equinox is less than a week away. As a result “equinox cracks” are opening in Earth’s magnetic field, allowing solar wind to penetrate our planet’s magnetosphere.
Source: SpaceWeather

I find it interesting that the Equinox, considered by Pagans to be a pause in time, a bit of a bubble, is also a time when Terra gets cracks in her magnetic field.

Use the power of the solar wind to power you in using the pause in time to best effect.

(1) Choose a project toward the top of your priority list to work on and bring to completion, or at least a significant milestone. A project could be one of self improvement or spiritual growth, or it could be a more material project.

(2) The energy of the Equinox lasts about 3 days; this year, the moment of Equinox is 1:54am UTC on 9/23 (6:54pm 9/22 Pacific), so the “bubble” would be 36 hours before to 36 hours after. So this would be when you would want to devote energy to your chosen project. Clear your schedule so you can focus.

(3) Do modified sun salutations at sunrise, noon, and sunset during the period.

(4) Set your intention to complete (or reach a significant milestone on) this project, regardless of any completion issues you might have.

(5) Do the thing!

I would love to hear how you do with this!

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