Remember that you have a choice

The energy of this Full Moon in Aries (9/24 7:52pm Pacific) is interesting to me. Because of various factors from other planets, it looks like people will either slide into fear or find their footing and re-empower themselves. When presented with such a choice, I prefer empowerment; I have met people who don’t.

The more consciously you approach the Full Moon, the better your chances for a positive outcome. Yes, the same could be said for a great many things, but stay with me here. Staying conscious is best achieved via grounding. Grounding prevents being blindsided. It also keeps you present, which means staying out of fear; fear is the illusion of the absence of the Divine. Since the only moment that’s real is now, and since the Divine only exists in the moment, being present will keep you out of fear.

Empowerment comes from making conscious choices. You can choose to be present. You can choose something other than fear. You can choose where to put your energy. You can choose to hold your space, standing in your Truth, and remain unswayed by whatever the Universe is tossing your way.


  • April Elliott Kent in Mooncircles this month recommends feeding your creativity.
  • Darkstar talked about using the imbalances that come up as a way to see what needs adjusting.
  • PowerPath says that the Full Moon is just continuing the work of the Equinox – release, restructuring, recallibration.

In any event, remember that you have a choice in this. Don’t abdicate your responsibility to yourself. Stay out of illusion. Strive for balance. Honor who you are. Stand in your power. Do your best to stay on course, regardless of who or what tries to bounce off you. It’s a Free Will Universe, you get to decide how this is going to go.

If you are a woman and in the Los Angeles area, please consider joining me on Tuesday for a Full Moon Women’s Circle at The Crystal Matrix in the Atwater Village neighborhood.

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