Numerology and today’s date

Numerology is a fascinating practice. I find it more useful than astrology, in terms of being a personal descriptor, and it works extremely well in conjunction with astrology for forecasting over the long term. In fact, my forecast reports combine the two.

Today’s date is a fascinating one. 2018 reduces (I’ll explain that term in a moment) to 11. So today would be 11-11-11 (or 33). That’s a lot of master numbers.

Some explanations:

  • In numerology, we reduce numbers down to a single digits, unless it becomes a master number, in which case we have a choice. Reduction happens by adding the digits together. 2+0+1+8=11 (or 2).
  • A master number is a number divisible by 11 (two digits repeated). In its master form, it is a higher vibration, in other words, more powerful, number. You can reduce it down to a single digit, and then it becomes the lower vibration aspect. You see, we live in a Free Will Universe, and we have a choice to take the high (spiritual) road or the mundane road.
  • So this year has been an 11/2 year. We have had the potential of creating new spiritual beginnings (11), or getting stuck in polarity. Polarity can be binary (us vs them, this or that) thinking – a lack of compromise, combative.

So today can be seen in four ways, actually. It can be taken as 2-2-2, a highly polarized number. It can be seen as a simple 6, which is about community and change. It can be seen as 11-11-11, or spiritual beginnings. Or we can reduce it to the master number 33, which is the Master Teacher. In other words, we can each choose to get mired in a combative space and see everything as a binary choice; we can choose to focus on, foster, and create community; we can seek out new spiritual beginnings; or we can focus on the Master Teacher aspect and ask ourselves where the high level spiritual messages are, or even view everything as a spiritual teaching, asking “what does this experience tell me, spiritually?” In that moment, all of your life is sacred, and everything is discovery.

Which will you choose?

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