Healing Requires Change

Many people ask for healing without really thinking about what it is they are asking. The quest for healing brings about change, and change is not always comfortable. I think what most people are actually asking for is comfort. That’s not my field. I can provide temporary relief for a condition, but that will always be so that real, long term change can be brought about. I see it like a doctor stabilizing a patient before surgery. It’s not my main focus, any more than stabilization is the surgeon’s.

If there is discomfort, whether on a physical, emotional, or mental level, it is because something is off balance and needs to be righted. This covers temporary and chronic physical conditions, heartache, depression, obsession, addiction, and feeling like one is plagued by attachments or entities. Sometimes the issue a client thinks needs the healing is not the actual issue at all; sometimes it is acceptance (not resignation), empowerment, or embracing their life’s path. Sometimes they see the issue as being external, when what they have the capacity to change is internal.

All DISorder and DISease is a DISconnect from the true self, the higher self. Our body, our hologram, carries the blueprint of our most perfect self in any given lifetime. Bear in mind that what your earthly ego thinks is your most perfect self very likely isn’t your most perfect self. The ego has very skewed ways of looking at things and is super judgy. Let’s do our best to ignore it. Your most perfect self may not be neurotypical. Your most perfect self may not be abled. Your most perfect self most likely doesn’t look like an airbrushed supermodel. Your most perfect self is not going to be happy all the time. Your most perfect self will have things that make you different from other people, and that is beautiful. That does not require healing. Your thoughts about it might though.

Humans don’t generally do change gracefully, otherwise they wouldn’t need help though it. We tend to come to real change kicking and screaming, and have to be fairly beat up to want to do it at all. This isn’t changing your hair color or your style or your car. This is changing your ideas, your paradigm, how you interact with the world, and your view of yourself. This is changing your narrative about the past and the future, and agreeing to be HERE NOW. Where it takes you is going to be awesome, the process will likely require some upheaval.

I don’t say any of this to scare you away. I say this to give you a reality check, so you are prepared.

Take a sip of water.

Are you ready?

I am currently setting up my client schedule for 2019 and have some spots available. Feel free to reach out via the form linked above and set up an initial consultation, to see if we’d like to work together.

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