The machinations and movement of Jupiter

Jupiter!Jupiter is my favorite planet, astrologically speaking. His energy reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol, all expansive and jolly. It’s a friendly planet, and offsets the stick-in-the-mud energy of Saturn (to be fair, they are supposed to balance each other out, I just don’t like being told what to do).

“Great,” you think, “what is she on about now?”

I was poking around on google, grabbing some images so I can put together a request for Jupiter, and what do I find? Apparently something significant hit Jupiter. Which is fascinating in and of itself.

Add it to the fact that I’m about to create an appeal to Jupiter, and it gets a little more interesting.

The kicker is that Jupiter stations direct today, August 11th.

I talk fairly regularly about how our Sun is a manifestation of our Higher Heart. I don’t touch nearly as often on the idea that the planets in our solar system also have some correlation to our Selves as well. Jupiter is the exhale to Saturn’s inhale, the relaxation and expansion. I tend to feel him in my body in the shoulder blade region. Energetically, it has been like we’ve been holding our breath since April, so that we can reconsider and reevlauate our relationship to the things that Jupiter governs – wisdom, luck, and progress, according to conventional astrology. As he stations direct, our forward progress starts back up.

And just as he’s getting ready to do this (he’s a big planet, energy shifts take a little time), a large meteor impacts him. It feels kind of like a jolt to startle him into letting us breathe again.

In what parts of your life have you felt like you’re in a holding pattern for the last 4 months? What can you do to jostle yourself free of the blocked energy? Do it now.

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