Feminine Divine and the Soul (repost)

This post on the Divine Feminine was originally published on March 13, 2015. I’ve updated some links.

I was talking to a colleague about the difference between the energies of the Feminine and Masculine Divine. The connection with the masculine is directed, linear, and outward; it has definable points. The connection with the feminine is inward; it’s a space of enveloping and being enveloped, a space of allowing. When you think about the energies in terms of polarity, that makes sense. The masculine is the push side of the polarity, active, the feminine is the pull side, receptive.

In the Gnostic version of the Genesis creation story called Hypostasis of the Archons, the Divine feminine is the one that breathes Soul into Adam, which is then transferred to Eve when part of his heart chakra is used in her creation. Without Soul, they are hollow shells that cannot “rise up.” (Adam gets Soul back, in this version, when he eats of the fruit, in case you were worried.)

My colleague asked, “Isn’t all Soul Divine Feminine?” While Soul comes from the feminine, I don’t think of Soul as being gendered, because it’s transcendent. In an interview about her book Red Hot & Holy, Sera Beak talked about Soul as being something grander than your persona, something *beyond*. Soul, to me, is the true Monad – it is beyond polarity.

This ties in quite strongly with the concept I brought up in my March 5th post “Shifting Paradigms”. Shifting paradigms is the same as stepping into Soul Consciousness. By seeing things from that transcendent self, you opt out of the limiting paradigm under which you have been operating. Another term for this could be Invoking (bringing into oneself, becoming) the Goddess. The empowerment workshop I’ve been teaching for a number of years is a practical beginning on that journey; there are a myriad of approaches one could take.

I strongly believe we are all being called to step into conscious partnership with, if not fully shifting our operating system to, the Soul. So I urge you to do what you can to propel yourself along that path. Take my class. Read Sera’s book. Watch the Ted talk “My Stroke of Insight.” Do journeys into the heart of the planet. Chant or do sacred breathwork until the boundaries melt away. Do all of them.

It’s time.

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