What in the World: Spaaaace

This is a continuation of the conversation that was posted last week, but we leave earth and go out into space…

My ever fabulous Social Media Marketing Assistant, Teagan, says I should give y’all more resources, like links, and she put together this treasure trove for you:

(00m36) Betelgeuse and its mysterious dimming, which has stopped

(4m00) Earth is a manifestation of our higher selves, and the sun is the soul of our manifestation of our higher selves.

(06m28) The ash from a giant eruption is still around showing evidence of a planet eruption. A theory that explains what killed off the dinosaurs.

(07m56) We jumped a timeline somewhere because 2020 was never predicted and this shit is left field.

(08m52) This is the 1st big virus of a series. There’s going to be more. By the time that this event winds down (2023 minimum) our normal won’t exist anymore.

(11m15) When did your freedom mean you get to get me sick? I have to wear a bra so my nipples don’t distract you but you have the freedom to not do something minor to PREVENT DEATH! This is why the universe doesn’t like us.

(14m25) Fast Radio Bursts – They happen outside our galaxy. Energetically they are more powerful than the sun puts out. The bursts usually last for milliseconds. Recently, they detected a few bursts that lasted half a second. This is the first time it happened in our galaxy.

(18m23) Scientists think it’s coming from an actual neutron star.

(19m15) It’s like computer packets and they don’t know how to access it yet. It is a lot of data in it that’s very important. Part of the key is 72.

(20m55) There’s information from the Divine about a foundation for existence.

(22m40) We are the ones stuck with the illusion of time and space. It doesn’t exist elsewhere. Spirit is saying that there’s something very important in regards to this.

(27m12) Definition of a neutron star and how it relates to these bursts

What In The World…? is a podcast that covers metaphysics, ancient civilizations, archeological digs, alien contact, angels, deities, folks with better technology that we have, and any other esoteric mysteries that catch our fancy. Ayamanatara has guests come and ask her questions or bring up discussion topics, and she accesses the Akashic to bring more illumination to those subjects.

If you have topics you would like us to cover or if you have commentary, please send us a note!

Featured panelists: Dave Berck and Lisa Frith
Intro and Outro are a recording of a Keppler star, courtesy of NASA

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