The month ahead (July 2021)

About a year ago, I wrote “Expect August to be the hardest month of 2021”. So we’re moving toward that. In January, I recommended

Spend at least 5 minutes a day generating the feeling you will have when the desired future is an actuality, taking action to create the new paradigm in which you want to live, and
meditation, grounding, and strengthening your spiritual practice

In that same blog post series from January, I said

Early summer feels uncomfortable, like no one is feeling particularly safe or at ease. It will be easy to get caught up in feelings of abandonment. Still, the potential for drama is low, almost like everyone is taking a breather. Take some time for yourself! Recharge your batteries!

Mid-September into the beginning of November is going to bring some of the issues from January back for more processing, and there’s a good chance of a new surge of the Pandemic, along with a new mutation. Hopefully the lessons learned from ’20 will help keep things to a dull roar.

One of the things I didn’t foresee 6+ months ago was a weird upsurge in solar activity, which in heightening the level of discomfort people are feeling, bringing suppressed issue to the forefront. Nerves are raw. Societal PTSD may be even higher than it was in the late fall of 2001.

I urge you to create a daily practice if you don’t have one already, or strengthen the one you do have. Prayer, meditation, connection exercises like grounding and modified sun salutations, journaling, gratitude practices, moving your body, exercising your mind, and practicing a form of creative expression should all be done on a daily basis. Watch what you’re putting into your body, and try to aim for local foods, as those deplete fewer resources. Drink more water. Seriously. I don’t case how much you consume- drink more.

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