Current energies, astrological and solar

There are some BIG energies going on right now. We are in the waning moon, coming out of the second Full Moon in Aquarius, headed towards a Mercury Retrograde, and we’re having some powerful solar activity. You may be feeling out of sorts, overreactive, sensitive, depressed, avoidant, and/or anxious. Granted, considering the state of the world, it would be weird if you weren’t. And I would posit that the state of the world is exacerbated by the current energies.

All of this comes back to the powerful, dramatic paradigm shift we’re going through. We are moving away from the commodification of human beings. You are not what you do for a living, you are not what you produce, you are not how much you earn, you are not the stuff you own. You are your creativity, your passion, your compassion, your growth, and how you relate to others. We live in a world where so many people have made money their god; money is just a representation of an exchange of energy. It isn’t the energy itself,so you can’t plug into it. Using money as a metric of who you are is actually disempowering.

Where we are headed may be unimaginable for most of us, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I was always taught to be where my feet are. The only moment in time that exists is right now, so be here now. Let’s look at the energies that are happening right now, so we can find solutions for riding out the storm more gracefully.

The Energy of the Recent Full Moon

When we have two Full Moons in the same sign, the second one can make us feel like we have to wrap up something in our lives that relates to the sign, an important threshold between two experiences, and a need to complete the one before moving into another. Aquarius is about freedom, friendship, and going the extra mile; there’s also some Odinic energy here – what would you sacrifice to gain wisdom? Aquarius also has a need to see from the perspective of airy detachment and observation rather than the personal and emotional, and the hard truths must be recognized and dealt with before the new realities can emerge, so getting emotional becomes more uncomfortable than usual. Add to that, Jupiter, sign of expansiveness, is retrograde in Aquarius until 9/14/21, asking us to revisit and reconsider how we deal with both our expansion/growth and the themes of Aquarius.

The Energy of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle

As the energies or vibrations have been speeding up the last few years, getting ready for the paradigm shift, we have felt the influence of planetary shifts farther out, because we have become more sensitive. The shadow of the September/October Mercury Retrograde is considered to begin on September 6th, but I’ve already been feeling it for about 10 days. Mercury retrograde is about having to act consciously and deliberately. Shortcuts are to avoided, don’t rush your way through things. Think about what you’re going to say, and how that might land, before you say it; and then ground and take a breath before speaking. Pay attention to where you are putting your focus and therefore your energy – this is a really good time for manifesting, so make sure you know what energies you are feeding. Mercury in his retrograde cycle asks you to (1) pause, ground, breathe, get present; (2) see how you got to where you are; (3) tie up any loose ends; (4) then you can take a look at where you are going, but pause before taking action. The order here is important! If you want more in depth coaching on this, I will be doing my last Mercury Retrograde Training of the year on Tuesday.

The Energies Coming from the Sun

Energies from Sunspot AR2859 the weekend of 8/22

Sunspot AR2859 produced six C-class solar flares. The flares caused only brief and minor radio blackouts affecting frequencies below ~10 MHz, but it was a significant number.

Coronal Mass Ejection on Aug. 23

A magnetic filament in the sun’s northern hemisphere exploded, shooting solar energies toward Earth, creating geomagnetic unrest and minor geomagnetic storms. The impact was on the 26th and 27th.

Solar Wind

A stream Solar Wind hit the planet on Aug. 25th. The gaseous material flowed from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere and created some polar geomagnetic unrest.

Sunspot AR2859 erupted on Aug. 26th

The eruption produced a C3-class solar flare and a Solar Tsunami. This is the first time I had heard of such a thing. According to SpaceWeather, the tsunami was traveling faster than 110,000 mph. Solar tsunamis always herald a CME, and the one produced by this event may be headed for us. NOAA predicts an Earth impact during the late hours of Aug. 29th (UTC), possibly sparking G1-class geomagnetic storms through midday on Aug. 30th (UTC).

Sunspot AR2860 is getting aggressive

SpaceWeather says “Sunspot AR2860 is big, angry, and it’s directly facing Earth. The active region just unleashed a significant M4.7-class solar flare (Aug. 28 @ 0611 UT), probably hurling a CME toward Earth. If current trends continue, a major X-flare could be in the offing, so stay tuned. ”

What does all this solar energy mean?

We all have an electromagnetic field. Heck, all matter is made up of energy, so to assume that we’re not affected by changes in the energy that bombards the earth is a bit myopic. The sun, aka Sol, sends us radiation all the time, which is our sunlight. The amount of harmful radiation is quite filtered by the time it reaches us, due to the atmosphere. It’s much stronger up in a plane than on the surface of the Earth, and even more so up at the International Space Station. When that energy changes, it does affect us. If the change is drastic or sudden enough, it does so far as to throw off our electronics and transmissions (satellites, tv, radio, internet, cell phones).

We are much more finely tuned than our inventions, although we spend a lot of time trying to ignore that fact. So, when Sol throws us a curve ball, it throws us off balance, so to speak. Depending on what the energy is, we get jangly or sad; either way, it’s hard to get through the day. People with electromagnetic dissonance already (heartbeat irregularity, seizure disorder, autoimmune issues) may also experience more than the usual health issues. Things that help are drinking more water, deep breathing and meditation, and working to align ourselves more firmly with the sun’s energy, so we’re in harmony with it, rather than at odds with it. Cutting ourselves and others some slack, doing our best to be in compassion rather than frustration and judgment, also helps quite a bit.

To align more firmly with Sol’s energy, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and feel the connection. Reach up to the sky, as in the yoga pose Sun Salutation. Imagine yourself grabbing or connecting with the energy of Sol, and draw it down to you, through the top of your head, and down into your heart. Let it rest there for a moment, creating a harmony or alignment, and then send it down through your feet into the planet. Reach up again, this time imagining that you are grabbing the energy of the heart of the Milky Way, our galaxy. Draw that down, through your head, and into your heart, allowing it to rest there and shift your vibration, and then send it down through your feet and into the earth. Do this one more time, this time imaging that you are connecting with the heart or center of the Universe. Draw that down, through the top of your head, and into your heart, letting it rest there, connecting with you, shifting your energy, before sending it down through your feet and into the planet.

Some tools you can use to get to a better place

  • Journaling. Do some free-form, stream-of-consciousness writing about whatever is all jumbled in your head. When stuff stays in your head, it feeds on itself and gets bigger and more unwieldy. Writing it down can afford you come clarity, and it’s a kind of purge.
  • Drink more water. Energy like this tends to make you dehydrated, and dehydration brings on feelings of overwhelm. You can increase the effectiveness of your water by adding some clear fruit juice to the water.
  • Modified Sun Salutations, as described above, are helpful for re-aligning yourself with the Sun’s energy, so it feels less dissonant.
  • Grounding always helps. You can either stick your feet in the grass, sand, or dirt, or do a grounding meditation.
  • Meditation in general isn’t a bad idea, either.
  • Eat foods that are close to nature. That’s my way of telling you to eat healthier.
  • Cut yourself some slack. And then cut other people some slack too. If you’re all feeling this way, the potential for weirdness, misunderstandings, and disagreements is higher. Do yourself a favor and breathe before speaking.
  • Focus your attention on the positive possibilities of what our society can become. I’m not saying saying you should ignore the current events; merely that you should not allow them to disempower you. Some people, obviously, have more luxury to avoid disempowerment, and it up to those people to work to move society into a better future. So the less threatened you are on a person level by world events, the more obligation you have to your fellow beings to stand up and say, “not in my name” and offer positive alternatives and solutions instead. If you don’t know what those alternatives and solutions look like, ask the people who are being more impacted by the problems in our society; hey very likely have a lot of information that can share with you. You might even start by doing some Google searches for the information, so as to not add to the burden of the people who are already under so much stress.
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