Send me questions for sample readings please!

In The Beforetimes, I would have students from the Tarot Playshop give me at least one question (each) every month to put “in the kitty” so that future classes would have queries for the sample readings in subsequent months.

You may find this hard to believe, but it’s challenging to pass me a folded slip of paper over the internet. So the kitty is dwindling (and old, too boot).

I am also currently teaching my longer, in-depth Journey the Mystical Tarot class, and those students will also need questions to practice on.

I would love to refresh my stash of questions for the sample readings. In return, I am willing to post the results of those practice sessions (anonymized, of course, or just with initials if you consent) on my blog, so you can actually see the answers.

Good questions for sample readings aren’t “prettied up” to focus on the positive. Ask about challenges in your life. Ask about how to get out of a situation. Ask about where you are on your life’s path. You can get specific, as long as it’s not looking for a specific time or date – you can limit your question to the next 3 months, but don’t ask “when is this going to happen”. You may not want to ask a question that you need an answer to right away, simply because the Playshop is only once a month, and we won’t be at the stage of sample readings in the more in-depth until the end of May.

You can leave a comment here, use the contact form, or email me (if you have that), if you have something you’d like to contribute.

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