Sound Bath Meditation

A singing bowl meditation is what I call a “passive meditation,” in that you are specifically not focusing on any given thing, such as a mantra or even the idea of being present. Instead, you allow the sounds to carry you out of your conscious mind, so that you can experience just being. People have reported feelings of joy and release, even bliss. The meditation experience has even been known to shift physical discomfort for some people.

I offer a Sound Bath on Saturdays on Twitch at 7pm Pacific. I really enjoy doing these sessions, because there’s something amazing about being able to “bliss people out” or, as my assistant says, “massage their brains.”

Here’s a recent session. I’d love to hear (read) about your experience with it. Share it with people who might need it! Commenting, liking and subscribing over at You Tube is also helpful, thanks!

I upload a new meditation to my YouTube channel every Wednesday, and I’ve got a Meditation Playlist, if you’re looking for a collection. Donations gratefully received via Venmo or Paypal!

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