[Monday Message] Do it differently

The only constant is change. May of us do not like chaos, but chaos is inherent in creation, all creativity comes from chaos. It is the burst of energy that gives the impulse of Spirit to life. When we give in to the ego attachment to stasis, we are willing the Universe to cease to exist, because matter is energy, and energy is defined by its motion. Things happening differently from the norm is part of that Divine chaos.

You are a creative being!

When things happen that are unexpected, you have two choices. You can get scared and retreat (or try to make things less strange for you in some other way). Or you can revel in the newness, see the beauty or humor or miracle in this unexpected event, and let your world and your consciousness expand. This brings you closer to the Divine and allows you to be a co-creator in your world.

Things that are outside of our daily experience have the potential, not only to open us up to new things, but to show us how to see our “normal” world differently. Strangeness is a gift. Rejoice in it. Treasure it. Hold it up and marvel at it. Share it with others. If you push strangeness away, you are pushing away an opportunity to evolve spiritually.

Pick one thing today that you can do differently and do it. It can be small or it can be expansive. Do it knowing that you are offering others the opportunity to experience a shift in their own lives. Do it knowing that you might give someone else the courage to do something differently too.

Let yourself take in the experience of doing something differently. Really drink it in. What fears does it bring up? Once you get past the fear, what else do you feel? What new feelings does it bring up? Do you find your perspective shifting at all?

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