Walk Through the Doorway

The Essene Book of Days says “Samhain is the doorway to the sanctum sanctorum. Beyond this doorway lies the deep cavern of the Earth Mother’s womb, the creative abyss, from which grows all that is intuitive and contemplative and natural on this earth.” We are in Inanna’s Descent. Take a little bit of time to do some journaling. What are your ego attachments? What are those things, those patterns, those ideas, those habits, those ways of being, that you think make up who you are? When you tug on them to see if you can release them, does your head scream out in fear? Those are the things that are weighing you down. More to the point, the things are not the problem, your attachment to them is. That’s what gets in the way of you standing in full knowledge of your Elohim-ness. You contain within you the blueprint for the All That Is. This is your opportunity to move past all the layers of information steeped in illusion and fear, and to stand in Your Glory.

Are you ready?

Walk Through the Doorway
Inanna’s Descent can be seen as the death of the ego. In order to evolve on a spiritual level, we have to let go of the outer trappings that we imagine are our identity, so we can find and reclaim our essence. Who you are and what you are are two very different things, and it is challenging to move forward on, or even find, your spiritual path without knowing the difference.

Who are you? Who are you when no one else is around? Who are you at your core? What makes your heart sing? What are your core values? Are you sure?

What are you? How do you define yourself? What are the tasks the Universe asks of you? What are your labels, your nouns, your identifiers?

Know Thyself
While the period between the last Cross Quarter and the Solstice is an excellent time to get started on this work, the work itself is an endeavor that can (and should) be done the year round. Above the gates to the Temple at Delphi it says “Nosce Te Ipsum” – Know Thyself. It is in working to know ourselves that we learn more about The Divine, and how to utilize that power within us. It is in working to know ourselves that we begin to understand the how and the why of the world around us.

Every external experience is a mirror of an internal process. When you are not at peace, the world around you is not peaceful. When you are angry, you encounter angry people. This is part of the Truth behind Gandhi saying “Be the peace you wish to see in the world.”

You are a cell in the Body Divine. You are a God-Goddess-Becoming. You are Elohim. On a broad-brushstrokes level, what we are all doing here is learning to be conscious co-creators. This plane of existence is very dense, so any spiritual work we can do here is solid. This is the weight training room of the Universe. So this is literally where the heavy lifting happens.

This post is from the November Newsletter

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