[Monday Message] Hesitation

When you think about going after your goals, what stops you? Where is the hesitation? What is the fear?

You are a cell in The Body Divine. Everything is in perfect order if you allow it to be. Fear is the illusion that this is not so.

If you knew that, simply by committing yourself fully to your goals, you would succeed; would that change your attitude about it?

If you knew that, if you do not commit yourself fully to your goals, there is no way to succeed; would that remove the hesitation?

And, should you not succeed fully, as envisioned, what would be the worst thing that could happen?

Hesitation comes from fear. Fear is an illusion that can stop the most powerful energy in its tracks. As a cell in The Body Divine, you power your fears with the power of the Divine. Yes, you are the one who gives your fears power. Which means you can take it back.

You take back your power from those fears by bringing them into the full light, naming them, and seeing them for what they are — pitiful illusions with no power other than the power you give them. Once you have shone light on it, named it, a fear is no longer the boogeyman under the bed – it’s just a dust bunny.

How magical is that?

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