Healing crisis – A short channeling about current energies

I suggest that you see current events as a healing crisis, as opposed to something that’s really f’ed up (because on the 3D level, it is absolutely f’ed up). When you’re in an illness, sometimes right before you get better, there’s this deep dive into just this ick. So think of this as a healing crisis, because that’s what I keep seeing. We are absolutely moving towards an energy where we actually understand that every human being is equally deserving of love, honor, and respect.

How we get there means, we have to burn out some of the poison. And it’s horrible to watch. It’s horrible to be on the planet with. And just remember that it’s a human crisis. Hold compassion for everybody involved. And I know that’s hard.

My guidance woke me up on 9/11 and I wondered out into the living room and turned on the TV, which I don’t do. I don’t wake up in the early morning, I don’t turn on the TV, I don’t wander out into living room. I turned on the the TV and I watched the plane hit the second building. My brain started out, because what do you do with that?

And so I did what I’ve been trained to do, and I went to Spirit with it and I said, you know, essentially “what the f***? What am I supposed to do with this?” The short hand of what I got back was “Blessed are the perpetrators because they have given everyone the opportunity to shift their energy. Blessed are the victims because they give everyone the opportunity to shift their energy. Blessed are the witnesses because we have the opportunity to shift our energy.”

What’s going on right now is no different. When shit like this happens, one of the things that happens is that everybody who’s not on ground zero comes together, and we all ask each other, “What do you need?” And all of a sudden all of that other societal patriarchal capitalist BS goes away. And this time we have the opportunity to stay there, rather than to revert to the old pattern.

Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Is it really easy to go into despair with this? Sure.

You are a cell in the Body Divine, whatever that means to you. As such, you contain within you the entire blueprint of the Divine. This is an opportunity for you to lean into that truth, and to stay in solution, and to stay radiating love to as many people as you possibly can, whether you know them or not.

There may be real world things you can do, or they may not be. What you can do is create as much love and peace around yourself with everyone encounter. Because that does radiate outward.

Don’t meet unconscious behavior with more unconscious behavior.

This was part of the after-meditation discussion at the Triple Goddess Ritual Meditation on October 13th, 2023

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