The Next 4 Weeks of Guided Meditations

Since 2019, I have been offering Guided Meditations by donation at noon Pacific on Tuesdays. For a while, during quarantine, I was also offering them on Thursday evenings. Interest has been dwindling, and I am trying to decide if my attention is better used helping people in other ways. For now, here are the next 4 weeks of meditations.

10/24/23 Guided Healing Meditation for Kahoʻolawe
Kahoʻolawe, one of the eight major Hawaiian Islands named after the Hawaiian deity Kanaloa, was bombed by the US Navy so heavily in the first half of the 20th century that they cracked the water table. We will be doing a shamanic healing meditation to lend energy to healing the wound.

10/31/23 A Meditation for All Hallows Eve
I feel moved this year to help people connect with their beloved dead.

11/7/23 Guided Meditation for the Thinning Veil
An intuitive session to help you connect with guidance.

11/14/23 Guided Healing Meditation for Molokai
This island was home to a leprosy colony for about 100 years. It has also been stripped bare in places, exploited by colonizing forces. “History is still too often explained by looking at powerful, central, dominant places. Yet most of the world is not a center, but a margin—by definition the periphery is larger and more extensive than the core. Molokai, Hawaii shows how such places can become caught in cycles of degradation, exploitation, and marginalization. In this unfortunate context, Molokai is at once exceptional, and typical.” – Wade Graham, writing for The Smithsonian Magazine

If you would like to join me, you can just show up on Zoom at the appropriate time. More information can be found here.

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