The current energies of the paradigm shift

I’ve been talking a lot about the current energies in my weekly forecasts on Patreon, and in my moon observances (New Moon Ritual Meditation, Shamanic Journey, and Full Moon Goddess Circle), but I keep neglecting to come over here to the blog and tell you about them. I dictated this very long post the other night that went into all of it, and Evernote ate it. So I’m trying this again.

I’m dictating the post because I’m having a flare up in my arms, and typing this much is ridiculously painful. I don’t say this to generate sympathy or as an excuse, merely by way of explanation about the current challenges in my life. It might help you to know how I deal with my pain, but I suppose that is different blog entry.

Paradigm Shift

A few weeks ago, at the New Moon, we went through a portal. We’ve been going through this paradigm shift which, in the last few months, has ramped up drastically. Then we went through this portal, as I said. On the other side of the portal, we may actually find that we are somewhat different people, or that our reality has shifted; it was that dramatic.

The Paradigm Shift itself is extremely important. It’s almost like we’re going up an octave, if that makes any sense. We are moving into a space that is as different as the industrial revolution was to agrarian culture, perhaps even more so. This is not necessarily an economic shift, although it’s certainly going to change the economy. The really key piece of information, to me, is that we are moving into a space where everyone finally understands that each individual is equally deserving of love, honor, and respect. This changes everything.

So the current energies feel new because they are new.

Look up!

So there’s a bunch of really interesting solar energy that’s going on. We are building toward Solar Maximum, which means there are more and more solar flares. It affects our electromagnetic field. Because the heart of our Solar System (aka the Sun) is an aspect of our Higher Heart, essentially what is happening is that the Sun is trying to tune our physical heart energy to a higher vibration. It does tend to make us jangly, though, if we don’t do some conscious alignment work. Modified Sun Salutations work really well for that – reach p as if you were grabbing the energy of the sun and pull it down through your crown chakra and into your Heart Center. Feel it connect, and then send it down through your body and through your roots into the heart of the planet. Do this three times.

And then we have the astrological component. Pluto is in flux, which is new and will set the stage for the next 20 years. The other two outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, will be completing their current signs somewhat simultaneously in 2 years, which means they are dancing together. It’s spooky when outer planets do that. Right now, expansive Jupiter is at home in Taurus, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all partying in Sagittarius, Venus is creating balance in Libra, and Saturn is somewhat uncomfortable over in Pisces. Creating structure and foundation in the dreamtime is not where Saturn likes to be, but it makes sense for this Paradigm Shift – we have to dream it before we can create it.

Navigating the current energies with Love

Your biggest and best tool for the current energies is love. It is helpful to pull energy down from above and fill ourselves with it, and pull energy up from the heart of the Earth, and fill ourselves with that as well. In doing so, we are connecting ourselves to various aspects of our higher heart. The heart of the planet is an aspect of our higher heart, the heart of the solar system (as I said) is an aspect of our higher heart, the heart of the Milky Way is an aspect of our higher heart, and the heart of the Universe is an aspect of our higher heart. When we connect with these spaces we increase our capacity for love, and we increase our experience of love.

Once we have increased the flow of love coming into us, and by extension our experience of love, we need to send that love out into the world. Every single human being is equally deserving of that love (see above). You don’t have to love what someone is doing, and it’s still very important to send out love to every single person. That love will will smooth the transition. This shift is really dissonant for a lot of people, it’s important to understand that. And the more uncomfortable someone is, more likely they are to act out, whether it’s from fear or anger or rage or trauma. So if we want to improve the experience of walking on this planet, we need to increase the amount of love that everyone is experiencing.

Think about it this way. If you want to be experiencing an equal amount of love, honor, and respect, it is important to make sure that everyone is sharing in that energy. You actually can have an effect on this. You affect your experience by sending out the energy you wish to receive; energy follows focus. When you focus on love, and allowing or encouraging or helping every human being to experience it, that also applies to you. So even if you’re doing this from selfish place, it’s going to work. I figure the selflessness will come as we all evolve.


When I talk about change a lot of people experience a certain amount of fear. It might help you to remember or be aware of that that fear is an illusion. It is the illusion of the absence of The Divine. The Divine is the All That Is. As such every single thing is a part of that. That includes you. You are a cell in the Body Divine. You have access to all of the power and energy of the universe, you just don’t know how to use it, because you have been subject to the illusion that tells you this is not true. The way to start to access that power is to increase the amount of love you experience and then to send that out and share it with others. When you do this, the fear becomes a non-issue.

I’ll get into other tools for the current energies in my next blog post.

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