How to Make a Choice Between Anger and Fear

Anger, as I keep saying, is merely a call to action. Yes, it can mask other emotions, and it’s still a call to action. You can channel the passion and energy of your anger into empowered forward motion. Fear, on the other hand, is a call to inaction; when you are in fear, anxiety, or…

The dust storm on Mars: symbolism and paradigm shift

“A martian dust storm that started in late May, silencing NASA’s Opportunity rover, has now wrapped itself around the entirety of Mars, radically transforming the appearance of the Red Planet. Amateur astronomers are taking pictures of the storm through backyard telescopes, and even naked-eye observers say they can see changes in the planet’s color.” –SpaceWeather…


Empowerment is the key to transformation. Are you ready to be truly powerful?

The World is Not Binary

Viewing an issue as involving only two choices creates unworkable limitations. Stand up for change.

Creating Change Through the Internet

Many thanks to the Rev. Dr. Karen Tate for having me on her radio program, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, this evening! Karen and I got to talking at this year’s Conference on Current Pagan Studies back in January, and she asked me to come share with her listeners the work I’ve been doing on…

Honoring The Flow of Energy

Making sure you have balance in your life can be as simple as paying attention to the push and the pull of your energy.