The timeline possibilities – what’s in play?

Spirit asked me to look at the timeline possibilities going forward. I want to preface this by saying that (a) anyone who tells you they can accurately predict the future is trying to sell you something and (b) the farther away from NOW one tries to look (when looking forward), the less chance for accuracy is possible. There are just too many variables, this is a Free Will Universe. So I’m focusing on the next 6 months, although I will give a general overview of the themes of the next 4 years, because that’s how long this paradigm shift is going to take before we’re out of the rough stuff. Think about it as going through “turbulence.’’

The article became very long, so I’m going to break it down into parts, which will run every Monday. The segment on July first appeared in July’s newsletter, and may not all show up here until later in the month, because of how the article evolved.

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As I said in the introduction… Buckle up, kiddies, we’re going for a ride!

I probably am not telling you anything you haven’t already seen if you watch the news or the data, but July is going to be hard. There’s a major power struggle going on in the US that is affecting all of its residents. It may not even be the one that you think, and it’s not a simple polarity. Let’s start off my looking at the energetic theme of this paradigm shift in general.  We, or our higher selves anyway, have chose to get ourselves so uncomfortable that we have to do things differently. At the beginning of the year there was a better, albeit still slim, chance of heading this off at the pass and shortening the time we’ll be in turbulence, but that time has passed. We are in it for the long haul.

Things that are in play:

  • In case you don’t have a strong working knowledge of the political structure in the US, the two things that the executive Branch is supposed to have control of are Foreign Policy/International Diplomacy and the Military.
    • The Executive Branch has started to lose control of the military, and that will continue to play out.
    • The Executive Branch has been doing what it can to isolate the US from the rest of the world and remove any possibility of an international power. This may or may not have been intentional, I’ll let you decide.
  • A large portion of the traditional PtB in the US are at odds with the current Executive branch, even if the politicians haven’t caught on yet. None of the sides are going to ultimately get what they want; in the meantime, there’s going to be shrapnel.
    • Some of that shrapnel comes in the form of accurate reporting. News, at this point, is about viewers and readership, so they’re going for the exciting or alarmist headlines, which is always going to lead to some misleading stories. If you can pay attention to the actual numbers, raw data, things like that, you’re going to be able to see more clearly. If you’re not someone who has that in their personal skillset, find someone you trust who does. Another factor in this is a very real desire to maintain control and some of the status quo, and they see it being challenged from all sides. It’s not about the papers/websites/news stations, it’s about who owns them.
    • Hopefully you have already figured out that the only thing the Stock Market indicates is the emotional temperature of a very small number of people, none of whom are you or your friends. Having said that, things are going to be interesting there, because I see a lot of the “old money” leaving this continent and getting invested elsewhere. Not stored, I’m not talking about offshore bank accounts. Invested. This is absolutely going to be reflected at Wall Street.
    • The real economy will keep doing what it’s doing, but at a faster rate. There will be more and more Have-Nots and fewer but richer Haves. Anyone reading this does not have access to enough zeros to be a Have, and it would be helpful for everyone to understand that. The Haves have their own forecasters, who have access to much better data than I.
    • There are several camps within the Haves, and they’re all working at cross purposes to a certain extent. Unless they band together, and I don’t see that happening, there is going to be something of an implosion, although I don’t see it happening this year; possibly 2022 or (more likely) 2023. They all have different values and ethics, and they see the other groups as Other as much as they see the Have-Nots as Other. When you see someone as Other, you give yourself permission to not see them as human, in case you hadn’t fully gotten that yet. So you might want to start looking at who you consider Other, so that you can get yourself back into alignment with who you might want to be.
  • Almost all politicians at the National level have some narcissistic tendencies, some more than others. The ones who have too much of that are the ones creating all the Big Problems right now. The faster people can align behind the other ones, the smoother this transition is going to be. Godspeed.

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