Grandmother Tree

While I was in the mountains over New Year’s weekend, I had occasion to commune with a tree. To be fair, I had occasion to commune with many trees, but this one stood out. She was large, with a thick trunk, although she wasn’t a redwood. She didn’t have a visible Ent, and yet she…

Welcome to the Year of the Fire Rooster!

Just a short note about the current new moon and the Chinese New Year… The new moon , technically yesterday, is/was in Aquarius. As Aquarius, the water-bearer, was once Ganymede, the strongest intention one could set would be one that answers the question “How can I bring myself to the favorable attention of the gods?” Interpret…

Plant Hike

I went on an amazing plant walk in Malibu Creek State Park this weekend, facilitated by Tellur Fenner of the Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic & Education Center in Ukiah, CA.

Honoring The Flow of Energy

Making sure you have balance in your life can be as simple as paying attention to the push and the pull of your energy.

This New Moon

Three celestial bodies in Capricorn, two in retrograde, plus some Mars, and a bit of numerology. Read up and be prepared!

Winter Solstice into Full Moon

A look at the juxtaposition of Solstice and the Full Moon, and what that might mean for your awareness. Forewarned is forarmed.