Solar Activity Approaching an Eclipse

Solar eclipses always fall on a New Moon. New Moons are about new beginnings and intention setting, but it’s also the time in the lunar cycle when the veil is at its thinnest and illusion is weakest.

A solar eclipse, specifically, is when the subconscious, the Soul, stands in front of the “conscious”, the ego. We feel everything more strongly, because the physical sensation of the chemical reaction we have in response to stimuli is our Soul talking to us. The solar eclipse contains all of the potential of immanence.

Solar storms are a disruption in the magnetic field of our sun. Just as Terra (our planet) is an aspect of our higher self, Sol (our sun) is an aspect of Terra’s higher self. So a disruption in Sol’s magnetic field means a disruption in Terra’s magnetic field means a disruption in our magnetic field. This result in dissonance; we feel all jangly and raw, like we’re being subjected to fingernails on a chalkboard, because, on an energetic level, we are.

We can return to harmony by re-aligning our energy with that of Sol.

But what is the opportunity here? A solar storm shakes things up, helps us shift our perspective, and gives in the opportunity to step into an alternate timeline. So yes, recalibrate your energy, but see if you don’t want to, consciously, change your reality first.

All of the potentiality of the solar eclipse/new moon is amplified by the solar storm, and vice versa.

So, in a perfect world, what would your reality look like? In the Now, in full honesty and no illusion, what does your current reality look like?

What do each of those *feel* like?

You have to be in acknowledgement of what *is* before you can change it, because otherwise you’re wasting your energy trying to change an illusion. Also, you need a baseline, a point of comparison. So feel that first.

Now, if you can conjure up the feeling, the physical sensation, of your preferred reality, you create the chemical reaction. Chemical reactions created by the mind, whether through memory or imagination, are ten times stronger than that produced by outside stimulus, by the way. So, communication being two-way, you send a message back to your Soul, and essentially create a new magnetic resonance.

Got it?
Go forth!
Be the Light of the World!

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