Raccoon asked me this morning to create a cycle calendar. Basically, Raccoon tends to do things on a 20-week cycle, so that’s 4 quarters of 5 weeks each, with the energies of germination, growth, thriving, and harvest. Since I noticeably started a cycle on Friday, I used that as a starting point. I cross referenced important personal dates, Mercury Retrogrades, and cycles of the moon, because I will likely be using the calendar during this cycle for tracking energies and for date planning, so more data is always good. I put the Gregorian dates on the calendar as well, so I could quickly figure out where I was in the calendar.

Things that jump out at me:

  • It begins and ends with a Mercury Retrograde.
  • My natal birthday is the beginning of the “thriving” quarter (also the mid-point in the cycle).
  • It always begins on a Friday, which is as it should be to my mystery-school-trained mind.

Aaaand, that’s about it so far. Hey, it’s not like I’ve played with it much yet!

At the very least, it will be interesting to track things on this calendar. I’m sure Raccoon will give me more information as I need it, or show me how to find it. I’ll let you know when other interesting tidbits come up.


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