Relationship Boundaries and Sulfur

Mountain Reflection, (c) 2014, Ayamanatara, all rights reserved As I was soaking in the Nature baths at Myvatn last week, it occurred to me that the reason that the Icelandic people seem to have such good interpersonal boundaries is that they spend an inordinate amount of time soaking in sulfured water. Sulfur is great for cord cutting, especially for intimate relationships. Possibly as a result, Icelandic culture is remarkably flexible about partnerships and parenting, and is even the only culture I can think of with positive folklore stories about stepmothers!

If you are lacking in natural hot springs in your neighborhood, purchase a sulfur crystal and brush yourself off with it regularly, to release any unhealthy attachments and cut any cords that may have been created. You’ll find it much easier to navigate partnerships and close friendships, and to maintain healthy boundaries.

Just make sure to wash your hands afterward, before touching any mucus membranes – it’s somewhat acidic. Also, it should go without saying, but please do not use this method of you are allergic to sulfur.

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