Moving Through Ego-Generated Resistance

The third chakra, which sits at the solar plexus, is the lower mental body. It is the seat of our individuation, whence logic and intelligence come, and the internalization of the polarity that exists out in the Universe. It is, for most westerners, our main operating system, so it’s pretty strong.

That polarity, the push and the pull that makes up energy, manifests in the third chakra as the negative ego and the Free Will. The negative ego is what kept the human race going when sabre tooth tigers roamed the earth – it was that part that told you “don’t leave the cave or you’ll die.” We no longer have imminent danger like that, so it no longer has a full-time job, but it still wants to keep us safe. It’s also really smart and really bored, a dangerous combination. So it tells us not to do new or growth-oriented things, and it tells us stories to stay in control. The Free Will, on the other hand, is that part of us that knows the Truth, that knows the best option, that strives for growth and new experiences. It is what some people call “the small, still voice.”

Because the Negative Ego is strong, it can actually affect our perception of reality. Sometimes, if it feels threatened enough, it even manifests our internal out into the world. This is when we get weird car issues, or our pipes burst, or our kid gets arrested. Anything to deter us from taking the growth-oriented path.

A lot of us try very hard to listen to guidance, to listen to the signals from the Universe. So how do we tell the difference between our negative ego making a mess and the Universe trying to discourage us from a choice? Try moving forward anyway, and see what happens.

Here’s a real-world, personal example:

When I was first studying Kabbalah, the second class meeting was going to be in south Orange County, about 2+ hours from my home, starting fairly early in the day. Two days before the class, the alternator in my car died. I had most of my “spare” money tied up in this class, so I wasn’t going to be able to get it fixed right away and attend the class.

I was pretty sure the Universe was telling me not to take the class, but I had also travelled my path long enough to be willing to test the theory. So I called a friend of mine who lived 45 minutes from me (distance in Los Angeles is generally described in time not miles), and asked her if there was any chance she could take me. It was a long shot, but I knew I had to try. To my surprise, she said “yes.” Within 12 hours, I also had 3 offers to carpool from people who didn’t even know I was having car trouble.

There was my answer. The Universe was happy to make this happen, but I had to overcome my fear and walk through the resistance. If I had let the car issue dissuade me from the class, I would be in a much different place than I am today.

The only way out is through.

So, where is ego generating resistance in your life, and what are you doing about it? What situations are trying to take you off your growth path?

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