Neptune Retrograde: Reassess Your Spiritual Practice!

NeptuneNeptune, planet of inner exploration, creativity, and spirituality is going retrograde on June 18th until 11/24). Of course, he’s retrograde about half the year, every year, so this is not a cause for panic. Honestly, nothing astrological is ever a cause for panic, so if someone is giving you fear-based messaging about astrology, ignore them. Whenever Neptune is in retrograde, we tend to shift our attention away from practical matters and go inward. The fact that it’s happening just before Solstice is a little amusing to me, because Summer Solstice tends to be a very outward, social time of year. It wouldn’t be entertaining if there wasn’t some push-pull energy going on, though, right?

So, the next 5 months are going to be great for revamping your spiritual practice, getting creative, meditation, and working with inspiration. Here are some links to astrology blogs that are excited for your/our prospects and growth during this time (note that not all of the articles are about this year, so some of the information about other planets won’t be relevant):

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Every once in a while, a pattern comes along in the Universe that really inspires me. This year, probably because we are obviously going through a paradigm shift, and because there’s so much news fatigue going on, Neptune Retrograde falls into that category. I see an opportunity here, whether people do it on their own or within a supportive structure, for us to repair some of the trauma so many of us are feeling, and actually strengthen our spiritual selves. So I got a bee in my bonnet to create some Neptune Magic.

If you feel similarly inspired, if you are serious about wanting to detoxify your life, bring your spiritual journey into your goals and priorities, use your increasing awareness to your benefit, and creating (or enhancing) a solid spiritual practice that will sustain you going forward no matter what is going on, I am starting a 22 week coaching group for a few dedicated souls. I’ll be keeping it small so everyone can get the attention they need. Every week, members will get a guided meditation and one solid exercise to help them move forward. There will be an opportunity for everyone to meet live online once a week – to discuss patterns, ask questions, and get help working through challenges. We will begin on Monday. People who sign up by this Friday will get an extra 20% off. Enrollment will be open until the end of the month, in case people don’t see this for a few days.

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