The dust storm on Mars: symbolism and paradigm shift

“A martian dust storm that started in late May, silencing NASA’s Opportunity rover, has now wrapped itself around the entirety of Mars, radically transforming the appearance of the Red Planet. Amateur astronomers are taking pictures of the storm through backyard telescopes, and even naked-eye observers say they can see changes in the planet’s color.”

animation showing the changes on Mars, by longtime Mars photographer Damian Peach of the UK

Mars is somewhat symbolic, in some traditions, of the power elite of Earth. [Disclaimer: here’s where we put on our tinfoil hats!] In one theory of the history of planet Earth, we were colonized by various offworld races. One of these races was from Mars, after they separated themselves for their compassion and killed the atmosphere on their planet. They contributed to the fall of Atlantis, and the dropping of our vibration, and their offspring now make up the power elite. Every story, every legend, has multiple levels of information to it; as a mystic and a shaman, I am always looking to the symbolism. So let’s just go with the idea that Mars symbolizes the .01%.

This dust storm, shrouding the planet from view, and changing how it is perceived, could mean a change to that .01% of the population who owns 90% of the wealth. It is certainly valid to say that the population in question has been changing how they act and how they wield their power. But is it a consolidation of their power or the Hail Mary pass of a group in its death throes?

I have been saying for some time that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift (March 2018, December 2016, August 2015). The energy we hold, the places in which we focus, will have a lot to do with how that ends up looking. If we focus on the fear, on what we do not want, we feed that. Conversely, if we focus on what we do want, we feed that. So continuing to work for positive change in the world is more likely to get us where we want to go. Fighting against what we don’t want only sends energy there. So when you encounter something you do not want, figure out what you want instead, and put your attention and your efforts there.

I understand that this is easier said than done. Regardless of your goals and vision for your reality, we are being inundated with a lot of information about what we don’t want. Moving past that is challenging. Turn off the news. Filter your social media feeds. Limit your time reading the headlines. It all just serves to keep you stuck in your fears, which makes you easier to influence. Take your power back. Spend some time each day envisioning the future you want to live in, and generate the feelings and the sensations you will have when that comes to pass. And then, take action. Put some effort into making that happen. This is how you manifest positive change.

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