Reaching your goals is a measure of your effectiveness

As the calendar year changes over, a lot of people get more aware their goals. Something about deadlines, I suppose. We never seem to be as effective as we would like. Sometimes it’s because we set too lofty of a goal, sometimes we aren’t able to shift old patterns of behavior enough to effect a change, sometimes the odds are just not in our favor.

I’m always trying to improve my efficiency and effectiveness. It’s probably genetic – both my parents were engineers. The first tool in my arsenal is a strong grounding practice. I find that being present increases my efficiency noticeably – it’s the difference between driving the car from the front seat vs driving from the trunk. My guides tell me that I’m only 18% effective when I’m not grounded and in my body. So yeah, grounding.

My second tool is an understanding that time is an illusion. Granted, we buy into it pretty well, but it’s still only an illusion. The only moment that actually exists is right now. The future is all imagination, and the past only exists in the mind – interestingly, studies show that no two people will remember an event the same way. Illusions are very responsive to the programs you offer them. If I say “there’s not enough time,” I have pretty much guaranteed that there will not be enough time. If, on the other hand, I say “I will arrive at exactly the right time,” I get there exactly when I need to; that may not be the time on my calendar, but it will be exactly the right time. If I say “I have plenty of time to get all this done,” I will, in fact, have plenty of time. Don’t believe me? Try it.

The third tool I use to both improve my efficiency and achieve my goals is Kabbalah. Information that comes in via the five senses gets sorted and analyzed more smoothly, allowing for clearer thoughts and inproved decision making. Memories are accessed more cleanly. And working with the Tree of Life glyph gives me some very specific tools for manifesting my dreams into reality, whether my goals are accomplishments, relationship oriented, or in the realm of self improvement. There are rituals and meditations, to be sure; and The Tree strengthens my self knowledge, so that all my aspects can be in alignment, working towards the same goal. Self sabotage goes out the window. I am no longer at cross purposes, fighting myself.

I ask the students of my year-long Kabbalah programs to set an ambitious, specific goal, as I was asked to do by one of my teachers. Sometimes those goals change over the course of the year as the students’ priorities shift. The program then gives them the tools to achieve those goals, sometimes with concerted effort, sometimes not.

My Kabbalah talk on December 16th will go into these ideas, and we will do a meditational journey to set you on your path. Please join us. Registering in advance will let us know that you intend to join us. When we don’t get advanced notice, due to our agreement with the venue, classes get cancelled.

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