Energy shift, courtesy of Sol

From SpaceWeather:

This weekend, one of the largest sunspots in recent years is directly facing Earth. The behemoth is not producing strong flares, but it is doing something rare and interesting. A canyon of light (called a “light bridge”) is opening inside the sunspot’s dark core, presaging a possible disruptive breakup.

This bodes well for energies here on Earth. Have you been feeling a little stuck in the darkness? I know I have. This solar energy pattern suggests a shift in that regard.

Now, we don’t tend to do change gracefully. So make sure, in addition to self care, you are doing enough grounding and releasing meditations and rituals, so that you can move through the shifting energy more easily.

it looks like an eye, too… I’m taking that to mean we might get some clarity.

I’ve recently posted a good clearing meditation to my YouTube channel that might help…

May you surf the energy waves with aplomb!

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