A follow up to Saturday’s blog post about Solar Activity

On Saturday, I posted about an ongoing energy shift due to solar activity. According to SpaceWeather, the Sun is sending bursts of radio energy toward Earth strong enough to make audible noises in the loudspeakers of common shortwave receivers. That’s pretty strong. People are feeling uneasy. I have talked before about how the energy of the sun affects the electromagnetic field of Earth, and our own personal electromagnetic fields as well. If you have been feeling “off” or overwhelmed, it may not be entirely about you. Don’t get me wrong, shifts like this will frequently bring things to the surface for processing, but it’s because of the discomfort, not the other way around.

We are also coming up on some Abrahamic Holy Day observances (Easter, Passover, Laylat al-Bara’at), which can bring things up for some people. And there were the fires today. Add in global politics, and I’m surprised everyone’s not loosing their kitten minds.

Here are some tools you can use to get to a better place:

* Journaling. Do some free-form, stream-of-consciousness writing about whatever is all jumbled in your head. When stuff stays in your head, it feeds on itself and gets bigger and more unwieldy. Writing it down can afford you come clarity, and it’s a kind of purge.
* Drink more water. Energy like this tends to make you dehydrated, and dehydration brings on feelings of overwhelm. You can increase the effectiveness of your water by adding some clear fruit juice to the water.
* Modified Sun Salutations, as described in this post, are helpful for re-aligning yourself with the Sun’s energy, so it feels less dissonant.
* Grounding always helps. You can either stick your feet in the grass, sand, or dirt, or do a grounding meditation.
* Meditation in general isn’t a bad idea, either.
* Eat foods that are close to nature. That’s my way of telling you to eat healthier.
* Cut yourself some slack. And then cut other people some slack too. If you’re all feeling this way, the potential for weirdness, misunderstandings, and disagreements is higher. Do yourself a favor and breathe before speaking.

This too shall change, whether you want it to or not.

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