Changing Jobs – A Tarot Workshop Question

On the first Wednesday of the month, I offer a tarot playshop/workshop. We play with our intuitive sides, using various exercises. The idea is to become a better reader (even if you don’t even think of yourself as a reader) by developing a visual language with your cards. One of the exercises we do is answer a question, usually from a previous student. Since they are all submitted to me anonymously, I have no idea what class they even came from. I am trying to remember to post the readings, so that, if someone still needs an answer to the question, they will see it. Plus it’s fun looking at the different readings. Please note that the focus is more about what comes to mind when the individual reader sees the cards, rather than on traditional interpretations of tarot cards.

What should I consider if I want to change my job to find something with less stress?
This month’s question

We were practicing a specific spread I call the Astrological Spread. At the center is clarification on the querant, and then it goes through the flavor of the zodiac to develop a clear picture of the answer. I like patterns, so I may point out some of the patterns in the cards, but the readings belong to the readers.

Tarot reading #1
The first tarot reading had a lot of reversed cards (and was the only reader to do reversed cards this month), which the reader felt indicated blockages or someone working at cross purposes. Ultimately the reader saw that the querant didn’t believe they could have better circumstances.

You can see that the querant is represented by two reversed cards, both Major Arcana. The Scorpio position, here represented by the 6 of Cups reversed, was of particular interest to most of the readers across the board.

Seeker: Magician(r) & Justice(r) | Aries: AceW | Taurus: 9P | Gemini: 6W(r) | Cancer: 7P(r) | Leo: kP | Virgo: 5P | Libra: Chariot(r) | Scorpio: 6C(r) | Sagittarius: Star(r) | Capricorn: 10S(r) | Aquarius: 9C(r) | Pisces: 4W(r)

Tarot reading #2
The second reader felt strongly that this was more of a question of homelife and family, and that the querant should look to those spaces first, and that the querant was seeking transformation.

Notice that there are 4 Major Arcana cards in this reading, two Queens, and two face cards in the suit of Swords, one of which is in the Scorpio position.

Seeker: 2C | Aries: Judgment | Taurus: 5S | Gemini: 5C | Cancer: 10P | Leo: Emperor | Virgo: kP | Libra: QS | Scorpio: pS | Sagittarius: Death | Capricorn: QC | Aquarius: 6P | Pisces: Sun

Tarot reading #3
This reader felt that image and status may be more important to the querant than they were willing to admit, and that this was costing them. The 3 of Swords in the Scorpio position led the reader to believe that the querant may have an addiction to drama or martyrdom.

I love this deck, by the way. It has fascinating imagery. If you’re looking for a deck to use, always make sure that the visual language speaks to you, otherwise you will have problems working with it.

The Chariot, which made an appearance (reversed) in the Libra position in Reading #1, shows up here as well, in the Gemini position.

Seeker: 7C | Aries: 8C | Taurus: 4P | Gemini: Chariot | Cancer: 3C | Leo: 7P | Virgo: Temperance | Libra: 10S | Scorpio: 3S | Sagittarius: 10P | Capricorn: 3P | Aquarius: 5S | Pisces: kS

Tarot reading #4
The final reader said that the querant needed to shift their perspective; the core issue here was holding on to the past. The most strengthening course of action would be for the querant to stay at their current job and work through the issues that were causing them stress.

Notice that, in a tarot reading about a job, there are no pentacles.
The Fool sits in the Scorpio position.

Seeker: 5W | Aries: 9W | Taurus: Wheel of Fortune | Gemini: 6C | Cancer: 9S | Leo: 2S | Virgo: kC | Libra: 5C | Scorpio: Fool | Sagittarius: 4W | Capricorn: AceS | Aquarius: Heirophant | Pisces: AceC

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  1. ayamanatara says:

    As an aside, I also used this question as a test for the idea that you can use anything for an oracle. I pulled a white Cards Against Humanity card on it and it came back with “Toxic Family Environment.” I put it back in the deck, and to demonstrate the idea for the class, pulled another one later. Except it was the same one. Reader # 2 may have been on to something.

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