Effective affirmations

Ever tried doing affirmations? How did they work for you?

There’s a trick to them, a secret key, if you will, beyond the stuff everyone tells you, like writing in present tense and avoiding negatives. See, if all your aspects (higher mind, lower mind, and emotions) are not on the same page, you can’t be effective, because you are fighting yourself.

And what is the first thing that happens when you say an affirmation like “I am healthy, happy, and whole”?

A voice your head says “yeah, but…”

The trick is to get your head to stop arguing with you. Which means rewiring neural pathways. Any time you’re trying to change your programming, do it in writing (not typing, not printing, handwriting) – it accesses a different part of the brain.

Write down your affirmation.

And then write down the objection.

Write a new affirmation to counter the objection.

Write down the new objection.

Write a new affirmation.

Rinse, lather, repeat. At some point, your mind will stop objecting.

Write the original affirmation again (or rewrite it, if you’ve gotten more perspective). If there are more objections, write it twice more (for a total of 3), and walk away.

When you go to write your affirmation tomorrow, if there are no mental objections, write it three times and walk away. If your mind coughs up an objection, go through the whole process again. Do this as many days in a row as you can manage. Eventually you will have a few days without objections, at which point you can rest assured that you have rewritten that groove in your brain.

Ta da!

Go forth, be the light of the world!

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