Starting My Own Business: A Tarot Workshop Question

On the first Wednesday of the month, I offer a tarot playshop/workshop. We play with our intuitive sides, using various exercises. The idea is to become a better reader (even if you don’t even think of yourself as a reader) by developing a visual language with your cards. One of the exercises we do is answer a question, usually from a previous student. Since they are all submitted to me anonymously, I have no idea what class they even came from. I am trying to remember to post the readings, so that, if someone still needs an answer to the question, they will see it. Plus it’s fun looking at the different readings. Please note that the focus is more about what comes to mind when the individual reader sees the cards, rather than on traditional interpretations of tarot cards.

Question: What are my biggest obstacles to starting my own business?
This month’s question

The exercise for this month’s class was for one person to throw cards and everyone to read that one spread. The spread in question is the one that use in public readings. Cards are thrown in rows and read in columns.

The cards are from the Robin Wood Tarot
PaC | Empress | 3C
Chariot | 5P | QC
7S | Magician | 6C

As you can see, from the abundance of Cups, the issue is largely emotional.

Each student (and I) wrote down their interpretation, and then we shared them as a group. At issue was fear (isn’t it always?), especially about having to be the one making all the big decisions. Everyone saw strong indicators of success. The biggest obstacles were

  • Not having a safety net (fear)
  • Having to be the decision maker (fear)
  • Loss of freedom and time (largely fear)
  • I trust this will reach the right person.

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