Tools for Spiritual Activism: Chanting

I offer a Kabbalah Meditation every month, in conjunction with my Levels 1 & 2 Experiential Kabbalah classes. This month we were on Gevurah, which, to me, is always about cutting away that which no longer serves, paired with the fierce momma bear power, like a mother who can lift a bus to save her child. The Archangel in this pip is Kamael, who specializes in righting injustice. I tend to work with Archangel energy via chanting. It worked so well, I thought I would share!

I suspect we can all agree that there is a lot of injustice in the world. I prefer to focus on righting either my own behavior or larger patterns, because what I perceive as personal injustice may not be. I’ve gotten fairly used to not being able to see the big picture in the moment, and am willing to allow Truth to be revealed in due time (mostly). In any event, as a group, we chose to focus on women’s health care.

For this meditation, you will need a string of mala beads (108). A rosary will do in a pinch, although the number of beads is different (59) and you’ll want to do 2 rounds of chanting for every 1 round outlined here. You can also use a long string, and tie 108 knots in it, and use the knots to count your chant.

Get comfortableand close your eyes. Ground. Set your intention; like I said, we were focussing on women’s health care – feel free to pick another large-scale injustice you feel needs righting.

Start by chanting the “godname” for Gevurah, with is Elohim Gibor. Draw it out, toning the words so that they reverberate through your body. Feel the sound of your chant fill the room, sweeping aside anything that doesn’t need to be there. You may see, in your mind’s eye, the room will with a different sort of light as the vibration shifts. Do one Elohim Gibor per bead, starting from the tasseled bead, and ending when you return to the tasseled bead.

Pause at the end of the round. Take a sip or two of water if you need to; if you’re really reverberating, it’s easy to get dehydrated.

For the next round, you will be invoking Kamael. Chant “A Yo Ko Ma Ka Ma El.” It is possible that you will feel a presence, or even a vision of Kamael, wielding a sword. Bring to mind, once again, your intention to mind as you start chanting. When we did this, I slipped into multitonal throat singing, which has never happened before. Do another entire round.

When you have finished chanting, sit in meditation, focusing on your intention, knowing that Kamael is able to do great works. When you are ready, bring yourself back to present slowly, feeling where you sit and the air on your skin. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, and stretch before opening your eyes.

You can journal your experience, if you would like.

Give yourself at least 15 minute of slowly moving around before you do something like get behind the wheel of a car.

In the coming weeks, I hope to write about more tools for Spiritual Activism. We can work for change in our spiritual lives as well as out on the streets. Everyone had their strengths, everyone has their role. In addition to Spiritual Activism, I am also a huge fan of calling (not emailing – every call has to be logged) my Congresscritters.

We have been so conditioned to feel powerless. Every step we take toward change re-empowers us. Don’t forget – you are the Light of the World!

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