A Spiritual Pep Talk

Everything in the Universe in the Universe is constantly expanding and contracting.

All matter is energy. All non-matter is energy. Energy is defined by it’s motion, which is a push and a pull, or expansion or contraction. So the Universe, and everything in it, is breathing. We might strive for balance, as well we should, but we will never achieve it, because we are made of energy. We are constantly in motion. Everything in us is constantly in motion.

So let yourself off the hook. An ideal is just an ideal, something to strive for. You are exactly where you are, and that is right and good.

We suffer from perfectionism in our society, driven by the ego messages of “I’m not enough,” “There’s not enough,” and “There will never be enough.” These are the lies our ego tells us to keep us from growth. If we can’t do it perfectly, why bother at all, right? This i what keeps us powerless and paralyzed.

Take your power back!

Allow yourself to be exactly where you are. AND Strive for goals, work for change, stretch yourself, challenge assumptions. Work to make yourself a better person. Work to make the world a better place. Don’t let the myth of perfectionism strip you of your power.

This originally appeared in the September newsletter

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