Solar Storms

I posted last night to FaceBook that Spaceweather said

“A moderate (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm is in progress on June 28-29 as Earth passes through a region of south-pointing magnetism in the solar wind. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. In the northern hemisphere, solstice twilight will sharply reduce visibility; southern hemisphere observers may have better luck.”

If you’re feeling off-kilter, this may be why. We are strongly affected by solar storms and can feel jittery and out of sorts. Expect disrupted communications and electronics. All of this is likely magnified by Mercury being in Retrograde.

Look to your own foundations – in addition to grounding, drink more water (preferably with mint or lemon in it), eat well (go with easily digestible foods), get enough sleep, breathe consciously – deeply, and slowly. Make sure you’re tending to your daily practice, and to your family and community structures. Examine what beliefs and habits you might be carrying around that no longer serve you, and work to relieving yourself of them.

Cut everyone around you some slack – they feel as frustrated as you do, but don’t even have all the information. Breathe especially deeply before you speak. Go to ground and hide out if you can’t cut them slack, it will keep you from doing and saying things you will most certainly have to do mental gymnastics to justify later. Do maintain healthy boundaries.

If you’re still feeling jangly, do some sun salutations, bringing the energy of the sun into your heart chakra so they can harmonize. As a reminder, from a previous facebook post on the subject :

“One of my awesome students the other day mentioned that she was getting the message to ask that the solar energy activate her DNA. I suspect that may be part of what’s happening with all these solar storms this spring and summer. We’re raising out vibration, and it’s only uncomfortable when we do it unconsciously or we actively resist it.”

You are the light of the world. Use that to your advantage!

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