Forecast for June 2019

Forecast for June 2019 - Evaluate Your ProsperityThe overarching pattern of the forecast for June suggests to me that the focus is on prosperity. Not necessarily on having it, but on paying attention, planing, evaluating your relationship to it, and holding space for it. If you do have it, be careful, conscious, and deliberate in how you use it. If you’re working on moving out of a space of lack, a combination of esoteric energy and practical planning are indicated; when I say esoteric energy, I mean creating a personal ritual for yourself designed to increase your flow. All of this may require you to work through your abundance issues. Remember that money is merely a representation of an exchange of energy, and that any other meaning or significance else you’ve attached to it, you have, in fact, attached to it.

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A peek behind the curtain

Numerology: 8
Expansion, infinite, the Divine
I always start with the numerology when doing this sort of a forecast, because that is where my strengths lay, insofar as forecasting goes.
8 is a positive flow number, has little to no downside, and is always expansive. It is the outbreath, the exhale, the act of creation and subsequent growth.

Astrological pattern: Jupiter (prosperity & expansion) retrograde (a place of revisiting your issues around it) in Sagittarius (knowledge and experience through expansion)
I chose this astrological pattern to focus on because it will remain this way for another few months, it was suggested by the 8 above, and it is the one that called to me.
Retrogrades are always interesting to me – I have several in my birth chart. Retrogrades are an opportunity (sometimes one we don’t want) to review, to assess, to reevaluate how we’re doing a thing or what we think we know about it.
Jupiter is one of my favorite planets, personality wise, because it reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Present from A Christmas Carol. If there were a motion to Jupiter, it would be that of flinging one’s arms open wide. Jupiter retrograde seems to ask, “how do I get to the point where I can be comfortable doing that?”

Tarot Card: 2 of Wands
Gaining perspective, drafting plans, waiting for the right moment
In the Starman Tarot (currently my favorite deck, as you might have surmised), a young androgynous person with most of their face covered stands atop a high tower, holding two wands. It is one of the least detailed cards in the deck, which actually makes it more powerful to me; there is less room for interpretation. At that height, one’s every move should be carefully considered, and one must have the utmost confidence in their actions. The person doesn’t seem reckless int he least, so I assume they have done their homework.


So the forecast suggests that you take some time in June to evaluate how you bring abundance into your life and where that abundance flows back out. How can you create more confidence in your ability to work with your prosperity so that you can fling your arms open and allow for generosity, and what ideas are you still carrying around about money that no longer serve you?

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