[Monday Message] Bringing goals into reality

The path to achieving your goals lies between the principles of idea and form. When you have an idea, a goal, allow yourself to sit with it before planning, let alone acting. Then create a plan of action, which includes breaking things down into the smallest baby steps possible, so the next indicated action is always clear. You might also write a list of the resources (including time and people) that you will need in order to complete that step. Hold yourself accountable to your plan – a dayplanner works for some people, to do lists on your phone, or a whiteboard also work; whatever tool you use, put deadlines on your milestones, and schedule the smaller steps. And then you can take action.

Follow through is the hardest part for some people. If you have your list of next indicated actions, and they really are broken down into the smallest steps possible, and you are still having issues, take a look at your fears. Some fears that can get in the way:

  • completion
  • failure
  • success
  • being noticed
  • having to take responsibility
  • the expectations of others
  • On the 12th of this month, I wrote about the negative ego. That half of the third chakra is what generates all fear-based messaging. It is an operating system based on illusion, and tells the most fantastical stories. It catches our attention by talking about what ifs and what abouts and whys. It wants to stop our growth and progress. Knowing this, and knowing that fear is the illusion of the absence of the Divine, take a look at the fears you have about your goals (there’s likely more than one, and their combinations won’t always make sense). How much of the fear is based in reality. I don’t mean what could happen. I mean what you can see, taste, smell, touch, or see, because everything else is a construct of your lower mental body. It is made up.

    Sometimes all it takes for a fear to become manageable is to shine a light on it, to name it, to call it out as illusion. Sometimes it is more trauma-informed, and is going to be more… scream-y. Either way, working though the fear can be helpful, but don’t let that stop you from action, either. Do something. Sometimes it’s just plain old inertia and you just need to bite the bullet and start moving, no matter what.

    Make a list of your goals, big and small. Prioritize them, and then break them down into a list of easiest to most challenging. Start the process outlined above for the most important one, and the easiest one. Do not work on the others before at least one of those is complete. When you complete the most important goal, take up the next important one. When you finish the easiest goal, take up the next easiest one. In this way, you will keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed and/or distracted, which are two of the more common tools of the negative ego.

    Go forth! Be awesome! Remember that you are the light of the world!

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