A Different Way of Problem Solving

The Universe is made up of energy. All matter is energy. The space in between matter is energy. The movement of matter is energy. Sound is energy. Light is energy. Thought is energy. Sensation is energy.

Energy is constantly in motion. It has a push and a pull to it, a positive and a negative polarity. Energy cannot be static, or it ceases to be. The motion is what defines it.

If matter is energy, then it, too, is constantly in motion. It has a push and a pull, even if it is on a smaller scale than we can easily observe.

Humans exemplify the spiritual principle of ‘as above so below’, or ‘as within, so without’ better than most things. If, on the microcosmic level, our molecules are in a constant state of push-pull, on a more macrocosmic scale, we are constantly seeking the balance between giving (or acting) and receiving (or allowing). We will never achieve ‘perfect’ balance, because that would be static, and we would cease to be, because there would be no energy.

On a grander scale, the Universe, as the macrocosm to our consciousness, also has that polarity, that push-pull motion. If we translate that into a personified Divine, we end up with the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Divine. If the Divine is everything (and therefore nothing as well), and what could possibly be bigger than the All That Is, then everything we do is a form of conversation with the All. The Masculine Divine, being the push/action aspect, talks to us through words and omens and portents, things outside of ourselves. Reaching for the Masculine Divine is a matter of Transcendence, of reaching past the confines and definitions of the body. Reaching for the Feminine Divine, being the pull/receptive aspect, requires reaching inside of ourselves. She speaks to us through our chemical reactions, through our sensations, through our innate knowingness. Seeking the Feminine Divine is, then, a matter of Immanence.

Both are equally important. And both are currently out of balance, expressed poorly. We have made the push aspect into one of disempowerment, where all power must come from outside of ourselves, and the goal becomes to gather it all unto ourselves. Power is seen as finite, a thing, to be gotten at the expense of others. The pull aspect has become needy, because it also perceives Power as a finite thing, and it grasps at it, so that it may flow the energy through, to keep existence going.

If the Divine is everything, then Power cannot be finite, it cannot be a thing. Power is the energy of creation, of existence. Power is outside of us and inside of us. It is infinite. There is more than enough to go around (and through), and when everyone can be consciously empowered, Power (or our experience of it) expands and grows.

Processing information/thought/experience using the push principle is best done with words – thinking things through, analyzing, writing, and talking to others. Once the information has been processed, it leads naturally to action. Most of us are used to thing method of processing.

There is another way, one that may work better in many situations. Using the pull principle, we pay attention to what is going on inside of ourselves. Every stimulus, internal or external, creates a chemical reaction in our bodies; that reaction produces a physical sensation. If we can stay with the sensation, and let go of the opinion or judgement, which both come from thought, we can process the information differently. We simply observe and are present to the processing, which requires no effort beyond that which is required to direct our attention. It usually leads to not needing to do anything about a situation at all.

Each has its place. Each is important. They work together, in a perfect world, to bring us to acceptance and positive change. As long as we rely too much on the push aspect, we fall too much into reaction, rather than response, and we are victims to outside forces, disempowered.

The main tool I try to impart to my clients who participate in my Therapeutic Sound Bath groups, is the ability to process information in the body, in order to create more balance and healthy expression or energy, bringing them into their empowerment.

I am currently offering public group sessions weekly at LaLuna Healing in Newhall, Sunday evenings at 7:45pm. Please check my schedule of events for more details, and to make sure it is happening that week; I am occasionally out of town. Space is limited, so I always recommend signing up in advance.

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